Welcome to Apona Healing Arts

Apona Healing Arts offers Wholistic Health Services in Reiki (laying-on-of-hands), Macrobiotics (healing foods), and Holistic Counselling/Coaching in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Holistic Health Services are also offered in Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston, Rideau Lakes, Ontario Canada.

Founded in 1997, Apona Healing Arts was created by Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S. as a way to share with others the wonderful modalities through which Lidia herself recovered from life-long chronic illness (see Lidia's bio for more info)

As a Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Lidia works with clients in helping them achieve their potential, whether it be attaining personal and professional goals, reducing stress and anxiety, or recovering from serious ailments and health conditions. Lidia utilizes powerful tools for transformation – Reiki, Macrobiotics, Holistic Counselling – in both her personalized, one-on-one sessions as well as her group classes and workshops.

Personalized services include:

  • → Reiki treatments
  • → Health and lifestyle consultations
    (macrobiotic, nutrition, well-being)
  • → Personal counselling/coaching
  • → Personal cooking services

  • Group classes and workshops include:

  • → Reiki classes and support groups
  • → Healing foods cooking classes and lectures
  • → Workshops in self-development and personal growth
  • → Certification in Reiki training and Macrobiotic cooking
  • Whether you would like to experience Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction, become more Clear, Grounded and Focused, dedicate yourself to Healing and Recovery, learn valuable Life Skills in Cooking Classes and Workshops, or simply Rise to Your Potential, Apona Healing Arts has a service for you. Remember, health and happiness are our birthright.

    To further discuss any of these services, please contact us at lidia@aponahealingarts.com