Lidia Kuleshynk

Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S. is a Health and Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in Reiki (Laying-on-of-Hands), Macrobiotics (Healing Foods) and Holistic Counselling/Coaching. Lidia offers Holistic Health Services in Toronto, Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston, Rideau Lakes, Ontario Canada.

Lidia's humanitarian interests have always guided her personal and professional development. At an early age, Lidia recognized the relationship between personal well-being and diet, lifestyle and ecology. It is Lidia's appreciation and respect for these relationships that forms the foundations in both her formal education and her life-long healing journey.

Born with weakened internal organs, and diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as a child, Lidia searched for a way to heal herself, traveling through years of modern medical treatments and then into holistic medicine. Of the many modalities in which Lidia engaged, it was Macrobiotics and Reiki that were able to treat the underlying cause and nature of her illnesses and allow the deepest transformation and healing.

Lidia's studies at the University of Toronto incorporated both an understanding of the human psyche and the environmental influences that affect the human condition on the personal and social level. With a B.Sc. in Psychology and a B.Sc. in Zoology/Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto, Lidia developed an excellent foundation for understanding both the individual, "micro" level of life and consciousness, as well as a broader, contextual "macro" level of humanity and nature. This comprehensive training continued in her graduate studies at York University, where Lidia completed a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, specializing in International Environmental Policy. Lidia's interdisciplinary perspective on problem-solving and conflict resolution enhanced her career as an Environmental Policy Analyst in her work with the United Nations, the Federal and Provincial Governments, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

But it was through Lidia's personal healing journey that she began to understand, at the deepest level, the relationship between our physical and mental health, the food we eat and the ecosystems in which we live. Lidia eventually traveled to Boston to see Michio Kushi, the modern forefather of Macrobiotics. This was the event that would change her life and bring together Lidia's academic training with her personal experiences of healing and recovery. It was through years of disciplined application of both Macrobiotic Theory and Practice that Lidia created a vibrant new state of health and well-being for herself.

Today, Lidia continues on a dedicated path of self-development and shares her experience, skills and knowledge with others. Macrobiotics – "macro" meaning large/whole and "biotic" meaning life/living – captures the essence of Lidia's approach to life and beautifully synthesizes her academic training and personal experiences. Lidia's discipline for self-healing and her passion for helping others is applied in her private practice Apona Healing Arts.

As a Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Lidia works with clients in helping them achieve their potential, whether it be attaining personal and professional goals or recovering from serious ailments. Lidia utilizes powerful tools for transformation – Reiki, Macrobiotics, Holistic Counselling – in both her personalized, one-on-one services as well as her group classes/workshops. Lidia develops personalized programs for individual clients and works directly with clients to facilitate their growth and healing. As well, Lidia has worked with such organizations as The Royal Ontario Museum, Loblaws and The Thornhill Country Club, lecturing and teaching workshops in Reiki and Macrobiotics, including Healing Foods Cooking Classes. Lidia now offers such programs directly through Apona Healing Arts.

Ever aware of the importance of continued self-development, Lidia has completed Certification in Advanced Counselling through George Brown College, is a member of the OACCPP(Counselling Association) and is also a Level 4–M.E.A.(Macrobiotic Educators Association) Macrobiotic Counsellor as recognized by Michio Kushi.

Most importantly, Lidia practices all that she shares with others. It is through her personal healing journey that she has developed such profound respect and compassion for all of life and humanity, recognizing that we truly are One Planetary Family.